When it comes to maintaining flawless hair, frizzy hair can become an obstacle. Martom Deluxe Hair Code understands how important it is, for impeccable styling, to eliminate frizz from hair.

That’s why we have formulated products and treatments that help get rid of this rather common problem. Today we introduce you to the world of frizz hair products and guide you through our professional care ritual, designed specifically to give you enviable hair.

Why is my hair frizzy?

Before anything else it is important to understand the causes of frizz to address the problem effectively and purposefully. Here are some possible reasons:


Humidity is often the main cause of frizz. The hair absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment, causing it to swell and become frizzy.

Heat damage

The frequent use of thermal tools such as hair dryer and plate can damage the hair, making them more susceptible to frizz. In this regard we have the right product to recommend, from our STYLE line .

Inadequate care

The causes of frizzy hair are not only external: often the lack of hydration and the use of products unsuitable for your type of hair can cause frizz. Be sure to use specially formulated products for frizzy hair and follow a proper care routine.

What products to use for frizzy hair? The selection of Martom products

Martom offers a complete range of anti-frizz products, formulated to meet your specific needs. Here is an overview of the key products we recommend in these cases.

Volumizing shampoo RISE

Start your hair care routine with RISE shampoo.

Its particular formulation made with rice proteins, milk and wheat deeply nourish the hair and give it body without weighing down the structure.

Its pH 4.5 is the right compromise for the well-being of hair and scalp.

Express treatment SOGNO VENEZIANO

The same proteins of RISE found in ourinstant fortifying treatment VENETIAN DREAM, formulated for the care of damaged and brittle hair.

This product can be used as a conditioner, massaging the strands for 10 minutes after rinsing the shampoo.

Its action on the hair is emollient, nourishing, volumizing and protective.

RUBY anti-frizz serum

The last gem of this protocol to eliminate frizz from hair is our serum RUBY.

A few drops of this luxurious anti-frizz elixir nourish, polish and detangle the hair leaving them very silky and elastic. It is the final step especially for those who have frizzy, dry and sensitized hair.

Switch to Martom DHC products to combat frizz

Martom hair frizz products are the ideal solution to get smooth and silky hair. Don’t let frizz ruin your styling.

Follow our perfect hair care ritual: choose Martom and test the effectiveness of our products

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