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We have codified the art of personal well-being and self-care through experiential beauty rituals dedicated to hair care.

The 100% Italian brand holds the key to success for elevating the Salone from common standards by combining art and business. The lion’s head in the logo is the emblem of leadership, energy, instinct and courage, all that is needed to give life to a new concept that underlines the will to always look to the future.


Ingredients wisely chosen to give shape to formulations with essential oils, plant extracts and innovative complexes.
With the promise that every single element contributes to the protection of scalp and hair while respecting the environment.


We have played with the evocative power of fragrances to give a unique style to Martom Deluxe Hair Code® products. The choice was guided by a deep passion for niche perfumery that knows how to break the mold and surprise. For the products of the Anthology line, evocative olfactory notes have been chosen, capable of defining their personality and giving evocations. The olfactory pyramids of the Anthology proposals are studied in detail by perfumers, calibrated to make the user experience immersive and offer luxury products.


We strongly believe in the value of education to bring out the talent of the hairdresser and accompany it to a higher level. Martom DHC has tested a training course dedicated to professionals available with presence in the Academy and on the digital channel.

Martom Flagship Salon

Martom Flagship Salon is located in the heart of Milan, in Brera, Corso Porta Nuova 15.
Known for being the Flagship Salon of the brand Martom Deluxe Hair Code, it is a high perception salon because the care of every detail, from the structure to the decorations, leads to the full satisfaction of customers: our business card and our daily motivation.
The customer experience is exclusive: in each of the areas into which the Salon is divided, they are transported into an immersive dimension made up of sensations, rituals and attentions.


The area dedicated to treatment. The customer is welcomed into an environment that favors sensory stimuli. The soft lights, the perception of the fragrances of the products and a different approach of the employees immerse you in an exciting experience. In this area, communication passes through the knowledge of the language of hands and products.


The heart of the Salone where excellence and creativity are developed with style products; in this area the customer is listened to and educated in hair care and styling, recommending products and treatments to be used at home as well.

Shopping therapy

The space dedicated to the resale of products is intended to make the customer clearly perceive that the Salon is also the place where they can buy hair care products. This area is an effective tool for increasing the profitability of the Show.

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