In 2024, Martom Deluxe Hair Code introduces a new packaging for its products, combining elegance, functionality and sustainability.

This innovation is not only aesthetic, but also reflects the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices and advanced patented technologies. The new packaging incorporates the four distinctive symbols, each of which represents a fundamental value of our brand.

The new packaging: eco aesthetics and functionality

The new packaging of Martom products has been designed to reflect the refinement and attention to detail that characterize the brand. The clean and modern lines of the bottles and containers are combined with sophisticated colors and textures pleasant to the touch, making each product a pleasure to use and see.

Environmental sustainability

Martom is committed to sustainability and the new packaging has been created with 100% recyclable materials and production processes with low environmental impact. The choice of an external ecological pack enhances the company’s mission to reduce the ecological footprint and promote a greener future.

The four symbols of the new packaging


The symbol RESPECT represents our commitment to respect the environment and people. Martom uses essential oils and plant extracts in its formulations, ensuring high performance while respecting the skin and hair. This symbol underlines the company’s focus on sustainable practices and natural ingredients.


Biomimicry, the study of the biological and biomechanical processes of nature, is at the heart of our technological innovations. The symbol BIOMIMETIC TECHNOLOGIES reflects the use of this science to mimic and replenish the natural amino acids of the hair, repairing the keratin structure and improving hair health.


The safety and effectiveness of Martom products are guaranteed by dermatological tests performed at the University of Pavia. The DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED symbol ensures our customers that each product has been rigorously tested to be safe and gentle on the skin, without the use of parabens and with traditional preservatives necessary to avoid contamination risks.


The PERFUMERY FRAGRANCES symbol represents the excellence of the fragrances used in Martom products. Our formulations include high quality scents that turn your daily routine into a unique sensory experience. Shampoos, conditioners and treatments are hot processed to maintain and release these fragrances, offering an incomparable olfactory pleasure.

Advanced technologies in Martom products

Essential oils and plant extracts

Martom products exploit the beneficial properties of essential oils and plant extracts. These natural ingredients not only improve hair health, but also transform the daily routine into a unique sensory experience, thanks to the fragrances of artistic perfumery.

Biomimetics: science at the service of hair

Instead of adding keratin to the products, Martom replenishes the essential components of natural keratin, improving the existing structure of the hair. This innovation allows to repair and strengthen the hair more effectively and sustainably.

Mild surfactants

Martom shampoos do not contain common SLES, but use Cocoil Imidazoline, a surfactant derived from imidazoline naturally present on the skin. This ingredient reduces the irritability of primary surfactants, allowing you to formulate non-aggressive products for the skin and hair, while maintaining the cosmetic colors.

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