Are you a haircare professional? From 18th to 21st November 2024, Martom Deluxe Hair Code invites you to participate in a unique event aboard Costa Fortuna. We will leave for a journey of beauty, networking and training in an exclusive context.

Joining the M.B.E. event aboard Costa Fortuna with Martom Deluxe Hair Code provides a unique opportunity to combine beauty and professional networking in a luxurious setting, where every element recalls the roaring twenties.

A luxury trip and haircare training with Martom and Costa Cruises

Joining the M.B.E. haircare event aboard Costa Fortuna with Martom Deluxe Hair Code is an unparalleled opportunity. This event is not just a cruise, but an educational experience that combines relaxation, discovery and professional growth.

The participating professionals will have access to the latest trends in the haircare world, interacting with our professionals and many fans of the sector. Moreover, the ship Costa Fortuna will be from splendid frame to the event, giving a touch of elegance and refinement to experience that is already rich of charm.

One of the aspects that led us to realize this haircare event is the possibility of networking with other professionals and bring the know-how of Martom throughout the beauty industry. You will be able to create valuable connections that will prove fundamental for your future in your Salon.

Event’s program

Our journey begins on 18th November 2024 with boarding on Costa Fortuna. The welcome day includes a presentation of the program and a refined dinner at the Duca di Borgogna restaurant, followed by a show at the Teatro Costa. On November 19th, the morning will be dedicated to the conference M.B.E., where we will present the latest trends and innovations in haircare. After lunch, we will have the opportunity to visit Barcelona with a guide, ending the evening with a gala dinner and the Martom’s Party.

On 20th November we will land in Marseille, with a free morning of exploration and an afternoon of presentations on the new vision M.B.E. 2025. We will greet the next day with the landing in the morning in Savona, certainly enriched by new knowledge and many professional connections.

Don’t miss 5 days of training on a cruise to grow your salon

The Martom’s training is different! As a professional you will know how fundamental continuing education is to remain competitive and up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the haircare world.

During these five days, we give you the opportunity to learn from the best industry experts, discover new innovations and refine your skills.

Not only will you gain new knowledge, but you can also network with other professionals, creating valuable connections that could lead to future collaborations and growth opportunities. The luxurious and relaxing setting of Costa Fortuna will allow you to regenerate and return to your salon with renewed energy and inspiration.

Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity. Contact us for more info. We look forward to welcoming you on board!