In the world of haircare, innovation is the key to creating products that not only improve the appearance of hair, but also respect their natural structure and health of the scalp.

Martom has embraced this philosophy by developing a line of products based on biomimetic technology. This revolutionary science is inspired by natural biological processes to create formulations that repair and regenerate hair, using natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts.

In this article, we talk about the detail of what biomimetic technology is, how it works and why it is a turning point for hair care products.

What is Biomimetic Technology?

Biomimicry is the study of the biological and biomechanical processes of nature. This science seeks to mimic biological mechanisms and structures to develop innovative solutions in various fields, including cosmetics and haircare.

In the context of hair products, biomimetic technology focuses on repairing and strengthening the keratin structure of hair.

Operating principle

Instead of simply bringing keratin to the hair, biomimetic technology goes to the source, replenishing the essential components of keratin, such as amino acids.

This approach allows you to repair and strengthen the existing structure of the hair, improving the health and appearance of the hair in a more natural and effective.

Benefits of biomimetic technology in Martom hair products

Deep repair

One of the main advantages of biomimetic technology is its ability to repair hair at the molecular level. This means that Martom products can penetrate deeply into the hair structure, repairing damage and strengthening the hair from the inside.

Natural ingredients

Martom products use essential oils and plant extracts, such as Acai Oil, Aloe Vera and Moringa Active Water. These ingredients not only improve the effectiveness of the products, but also ensure respect for the skin and hair, avoiding the use of aggressive chemicals.

High performance

The combination of natural ingredients with biomimetic technology allows Martom products to offer high performance. For example, Martom Shampoo and Anti-frizz Mask are formulated to moisturize, nourish and discipline hair, eliminating frizz and improving combing.

Martom products based on biomimetic technology

LOOSE: Anti-fizz Shampoo

Martom LOOSE anti-frizz shampoo is an emollient and nourishing product, ideal for dry hair and free of shine. Formulated with biomimetic active ingredients with remedial action, this shampoo is enriched with Acai Oil, Aloe Vera and Moringa Active Water. These ingredients work together to moisturize the hair, improve their shine and facilitate combing.

FRAME: Anti-fizz Mask

The FRAME anti-frizz mask is designed to treat dry and dehydrated hair. With a pH of 3.8, this mask uses biomimetic active ingredients to repair hair, enriched with Acai Oil, Aloe Vera and Moringa Active Water. These ingredients moisturize and condition hair, eliminating frizz and making hair easier to manage.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of biomimetic technology for your hair? Explore our product line and request personalized advice in one of our partner salons.