Perfumes in artistic perfumery are much more than just fragrances. They are rare and precious essences, enclosed in bottles that become real treasure chests of stories and emotions.

In this context, Martom, with its refined and elegant olfactory signature, introduces us to a unique fragrance of its kind: Brave Amber. This eau de parfum, amber and night at the same time, is the embodiment of the balance between fortitude and the search for a dimension out of the world and time.

Martom Deluxe Hair Code, not only passion for hair care

Martom Deluxe Hair Code is a brand that represents a commitment to excellence in the hair care and perfumery sector. Our brand is constantly engaged in choosing high quality ingredients for its creations, and it is from this constant research that Brave Amber was born.

This eau de parfum is born thinking in the inner strength of the “Brave Person,” that person who faces life with determination and seeks a balance in everything he does.

The choice of the main color, gold, emphasizes the strength and energy of Brave Amber.

Brave Amber: a charge of warmth and courage

Brave Amber is much more than just perfume. It is an intense fragrance, rich in contrasts, but enhanced by an exquisite freshness that makes it unmistakable.

This exclusive and genderless scent has the ability to bring out a sunny and positive nature in the wearer, infusing a sense of warmth and making people spontaneous and brave. It is the right charge that the Martom brand has designed to start the day and create a dimension out of the world and time.

An eau de parfum without gender boundaries

One of the most fascinating features of Brave Amber is its genderless nature. This means that it was created to be worn by anyone, regardless of gender.

Martom believes in diversity and inclusiveness, and Brave Amber is a perfect example of this philosophy. It is a perfume that breaks traditional patterns, inviting people to express their individuality without limits.

The olfactory notes of Brave Amber

To fully understand the complexity of Brave Amber, it is important to explore its olfactory notes. The fragrance opens with an immediate explosion of citrus notes, which catch the attention with their freshness. This freshness is then sweetened by gourmand notes, creating a perfect balance between freshness and sweetness.

At the heart of the fragrance, patchouli gives the fragrance a strong and secret character, evoking a sense of mystery. But it is in the base notes that the key to this fragrance is found: amber. Amber is considered a good luck charm for its vital energy and helps to make Brave Amber a unique fragrance. Vanilla, finally, adds a touch of nobility and acts as a precious calming.

Discover Brave Amber: your new olfactory signature

Are you looking for a unique fragrance that can represent your fortitude and individuality? Brave Amber is the perfect choice. Martom Deluxe Hair Code has created this eau de parfum for those who want to stand out, for those who embrace diversity and for those looking for a fragrance without gender boundaries.

Choose strength, choose elegance, choose Brave Amber. Buy it now on our online shop.