March 8th is a special day in which we celebrate not only the achievements of women, but also the inner beauty and strength that every woman brings with her.

It is a time to reflect on the importance of loving and appreciating one another, recognizing one’s own value and uniqueness. On this International Women’s Day, it is essential to recognize and honour the inner and outer beauty of every woman and to celebrate her courage, determination and resilience.

Martom Deluxe Hair Code is more than just a haircare company. It is a company that embraces the idea that every woman deserves to feel loved and special. Every day, we strive to create products that go beyond simple hair care, which are a real elixir of beauty and confidence for every woman.

We know that when a woman feels good in her hair, it is also reflected in her mood and her perception of herself. That is why we formulate products that not only improve the appearance of hair, but also the emotional well-being of women. Each Martom product is carefully designed to ensure exceptional results and make every woman feel loved and special, just as she deserves.

Martom hair products: celebrates the beauty of women

EMERY – Imperial Patchouli

The enveloping scent and nourishing action of EMERYThermo Protective Spray make this product a real luxury treatment for your hair.

With bamboo extract, red vine and aloe vera juice, this moisturizing and polishing formula deeply nourishes the hair. Notes of bergamot, nectarine and cyclamen add a delicious fragrance, while guaiac wood and patchouli give a feeling of freshness and vitality.

Ideal for protecting hair from the elements and the use of styling tools, EMERY is the final touch for a flawless look.

DEEP – Sea Essence

DEEP night care serum is the perfect solution for those who want to wake up with soft, silky and visibly healthier hair.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, argan oil and quinoa proteins, this moisturizing and regenerating treatment works overnight to repair damage and nourish the hair in depth.

The notes of Sicilian lemon, jasmine and patchouli give a fresh and relaxing fragrance, while vanilla and tree moss add a enveloping sweetness.

SLEEK – Dark Amber

For a final touch of light and brilliance, nothing is more polished than SLEEK – Dark Amber. This shiny effect polishing spray is formulated with precious oils and moisturizing vitamins that leave hair shiny and silky. With notes of bergamot, orange and pink, SLEEK gives the hair an irresistible and lasting fragrance.

Ideal to keep the look flawless all day, this spray is the perfect companion for those who want hair shiny and healthy.

With Martom hair products, every woman can feel special and pampered, even at home. Discover our complete range here and treat yourself to the treatment you deserve.