With an advanced formula and high quality ingredients, SLEEK hair spray is destined to become the new must-have for those who want to get a flawless and radiant hair.

Martom presents this innovative product, designed to offer a luxurious and bright finish to your hair, giving it a shiny and shiny effect. Thanks to its formula enriched with precious oils, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, SLEEK allows you to get results from salon directly to your home.

The new hair spray SLEEK

We are proud to add a new piece to our hairstyle product line: the newcomer to Martom is SLEEK.

With its advanced and lightweight formula, this hair polish spray promises to instantly transform your hair, giving a unique brightness and shine. In addition to improving the appearance of hair, SLEEK also offers protection from the atmospheric conditions keeping your hair safe from moisture and static electricity.

How to use the SLEEK spray to get bright hair

To get the best results with SLEEK spray, it’s important to carefully follow our user manual. After the hair styling, vaporize the product keeping it at a distance of about 25 cm from the head.

This ensures a uniform and light distribution of the spray on the entire hair, without weighing down the hair. For an even more pronounced lamination effect, you can also use a plate after applying the spray.

Key ingredients for shiny and bright hair

The SLEEK spray formula is made with a combination of selected ingredients to provide a luxurious and durable finish to your hair. Among the main ingredients you will find:

Panthenol (vitamin B5): this moisturizing and smoothing ingredient helps keep hair soft and silky, reducing frizz.

Vitamin E: with its antioxidant properties, vitamin E protects the hair from damage caused by free radicals, keeping them healthy and bright.

Castor seed oil: thanks to its protective properties, this natural oil forms a barrier against moisture, keeping the hair away from the elements.

Benefits for your hair

In addition to giving hair brightness and shine, the SLEEK spray acts on the hair with:

Antistatic action: reduces static electricity, ensuring a disciplined crown and easy to manage.

Moisture protection: thanks to its lightweight formula, prevents moisture absorption from the external environment, keeping the hair safe from frizz.

Buy now the new SLEEK spray on our ecommrce and turn your hair into a cascade of light and shine!