When it comes to hair styling with thermal tools – such as hair dryer and straightener – protection is critical to keeping your hair healthy and viable.

The hair heat protector is an indispensable product to use before infusing heat to the hair, since it helps protect them from damage caused by high temperatures.

To get a respectable styling, and especially a healthy and strong hair, you need to know how to take care of your hair with the right products. Martom Deluxe Hair Code also thinks about this and in its line of products STYLE has formulated the thermal protective spray EMERY.

What is the heat protection spray for

The heat protection spray is used to create a protective barrier between the hair and the heat of thermal instruments.

This product is crucial to avoid damage to the hair and maintain their health while styling with heat.

Our spray thermoprotector specifically can be vaporized on damp hair, before proceeding with drying, both on dry hair to enhance shine and scent, with its notes of bergamot and cyclamen.

EMERY, protective spray for all hair types

The atmospheric aggressions and stress caused by plate, hair dryer and irons are enemies for our hair and their frequent use can really be harmful. That’s why Martom has created a product designed specifically to protect hair from heat damage.

We are talking about EMERY, the thermo-protective spray with a high moisturizing and polishing power. It is enriched with a complex of rice proteins and hemp, of biological origin that act with a volumizing action on the hair.

Among its active principles we also included bamboo extract (nourishing and polishing), red vine extract (antioxidant) and aloe vera juice (protective and moisturizing).

How does the heat protector on the hair

The thermoprotector acts by creating a barrier between the hair and the heat of thermal instruments, reducing the negative impact of heat on the hair. EMERY ensures:

1. Thermal insulation: creates a protective layer that insulates hair from extreme heat. This helps to minimize the damage caused by heat and preserve the natural hydration of the hair.

2. Reduction of the risk of damage: use a heat protector constantly before styling helps to reduce the risk of damage, such as dryness, brittleness, split ends and loss of shine, caused by excessive heat.

Among the essential products for a proper hair care routine there is also EMERY: try its protective power and do not give up using your favorite styling tools.

Buy our heat protection spray online on the Martom DHC shop.