Are you tired of seeing your hair color and reflection fade over time? Would you like to extend the life of your look after a dye? Discover the revolution of coloring!

Proudly, we present INCA SECRET GLOW, an advanced solution for maintaining hair color and reflection.

This hair care product is part of our line Inca Secret®, and has been specially formulated to meet the needs of people who want to preserve the brilliance and vitality of dyed hair.

Enter the world of Inca Secre®t, and discover the new perception of hair coloring introduced by Martom Deluxe Hair Code.

The secret of INCA SECRET GLOW®

INCA SECRET GLOW® is based on an innovative and high-quality formula that combines natural extracts and essential nutrients for the hair.

This powerful blend acts deep on the dyed hair fiber, providing hydration, nourishment and protection from fading color shade.

Key ingredients such as cashmere protein and the Qui.Sacha Complex® are known for their regenerating, moisturizing and antioxidant properties, which help maintain a vibrant color and intense reflections.

A unique and exclusive coloring system

Martom DHC wanted to transform the treatment of coloring into a real ritual of well-being and beauty. From here comes the search for exclusive ingredients that characterize all our product lines.

I detail in the Inca Secret® coloration system. – consisting of complete products for staining and color retention – we have combined a compressed element that is called Qui.Sacha Complex® composed of:

  • Quinoa Real extract that fixes the color micro-pigments and wraps the hair with a silky film
  • essential oil of Sacha Inci that provides Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, vitamins A and E to the hair.

The features of INCA SECRET GLOW ®

INCA SECRET GLOW® has been specially formulated to preserve the vividness of dyed hair

It is a real conditioning treatment for the hair with gloss effect, which allows you to keep much longer the reflection of the dye based on Qui.SachaComplex®. We have formulated it in 4 different colors:

  • RED: for red and purple reflections and illuminate warm tones from brown to black.
  • COPPER: for warm reflections, from blond to coppery.
  • CHOCO: for cold reflections, from beige to brown.
  • SILVER: for the cold reflections and contrast the yellow, from white to blond.

With INCA SECRET GLOW®, you can enjoy for a long time the results of your dye, showing off a hair always vibrant and bright color.

Try INCA SECRET GLOW®: you can buy it here. Find out more about our complete line for hair coloring.