The world of beauty is constantly evolving, driven by exceptional talents and extraordinary innovations. In this context, the new collaboration between Martom Deluxe Hair Code and Gerry Santoro represents a new exciting chapter in the hair care sector in Italy.

This partnership promises to bring the beauty experience to new heights, combining the typical elegance of Italian style with professional skills of the highest level.

Gerry Santoro: a professional of excellence in the Italian haircare scene

Gerry Santoro is a well-known name in the hairstyling industry. With over 40 years of career dedicated to female and male beauty, Santoro is a creative and modern interpreter.

Its precision and attention to detail are the result of an Anglo-Saxon experience that has been able to combine with the volumes, shapes and colors typical of the Mediterranean.

But what makes Santoro unique is its professional expertise. His expertise at 360 degrees is the result of decades of commitment, varied experiences and a continuous opening to new horizons. In 2012, he launched the training project IAM (Entrepreneur, Artist, Manager), entirely dedicated to excellence in professional mastery and the improvement of skills necessary for personal growth.

This commitment to excellence is what Santoro brings in his new role of Business Development Manager in the Italian market.

Martom: Italian values and innovation

On the other hand, Martom is a company that strongly embraces Italian values. These values are reflected in our recognizable logo, in the study of products and in the elegance that pushes towards luxury.

Martom strongly believes in the importance of education to bring out the talent of professional hairdressers and accompany them to a higher level. We have developed a training course dedicated to professionals, available both in the Physical Academy and online.

In the digital world, Martom DHC offers an integrated educational path that adapts to the needs of each, thanks to a training platform accessible from any device, anywhere and at any time.

This digital platform is specially designed for the professionals of partner salons who want to differentiate themselves and rise to the rank of premium salons.

A collaboration towards high sector objectives

This collaboration between Martom and Gerry Santoro marks the beginning of a new chapter in the hair care sector in Italy. It brings together an industry icon, Gerry Santoro, with a company, Martom, that shares the same philosophy and values.

We both strive for excellence, innovation and the common goal of bringing the beauty experience to new heights.

This partnership is a testament to the commitment to quality and the aspiration to a world of luxury accessible to all.

Discover here the reality of Martom DHC and the guiding philosophy of our company.