The 61st Congress of the international association Des Maitres Coiffeurs de Dames (ICD) was an extraordinary event, a celebration of the world of beauty and excellence in the hair care industry.

This year, the participation of Martom has marked a fundamental moment, combining the quality of the services offered by the company with the glamorous and prestigious environment of Palazzo Torlonia in Rome.

Intercoiffure Italy: a history of excellence in the sector

The international association Des Maitres Coiffeurs de Dames (ICD) was founded back in 1926 in Germany, uniting the most creative and brilliant minds in the world of coiffure from different European countries.

In 1948, the Italian section came to life, with Attilio Colla as the first president. Since then, Intercoiffure Italia has become the reference point for excellence in hair care, bringing together professionals of great talent and passion for the art of capillary beauty.

An important recognition for Martom at the 61st Congress ICD Intercoiffure Italy

Martom, an icon in the world of luxury and hair care, stands out for its dedication to innovation and high quality products offered.

With a long history of commitment to the industry, Martom Deluxe Hair Code embodies the secret to raising every salon above common standards, deftly blends art and entrepreneurship.

The history of Martom DHC is a testament to consistency, reliability and long-term relationships with its partners. The commitment to customer satisfaction is the driving force behind every action. We offer tangible value through a system of procedures aimed at engaging consumers, providing them with an unforgettable experience in salons.

Martom DHC is future-oriented, adopting strategic solutions that can constantly improve communication inside and outside salons.

Participation in this important event, as sponsor, is a moment of great pride for our brand, involved in the forefront of the organization of the Congress.

In the enchanting and prestigious setting of Palazzo Torlonia, Franco Fronzuti – Martom’s founder and CEO – received a special award from ICD President Italy Gerry Santoro, well-known name in the hairstyling industry with which Martom started a new and fruitful collaboration in 2023.

Discover here the reality of Martom DHC and the guiding philosophy of our company.