On 19th and 20th November at Martom DHC, we celebrated the excellence, rarity and exclusivity that define our brand in the context of the luxury haircare industry.

The concept of luxury is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and Martom has embraced this evolution, transferring it to the roots of its business.

With friends and colleagues of the sector we wanted to celebrate the many successes, the challenges that the Martom team has faced in recent years and the innovations that will lead us higher and higher: from here the event was born Martom Business Evolutiona Congress to celebrate the excellence of the brand and narrate the evolution of luxury in the wellness sector.

Why do we call ourselves a luxury brand? Our business model focuses on total customer immersion, aiming to elevate perceived value and turn it into a memorable experience.

Events for the professional growth

Martom strongly believes in education as a tool to bring out the talent of hairdressers, taking them to a higher level.

Throughout the year, we organize national and international events to update and train industry professionals. Not only with live meetings but also online, thanks to an integrated educational path on a digital platform dedicated to professionals, which provides courses, strategies, technical and creative inspiration.

We look forward to 2024 with lots of news and focus to dedicate ourselves to, starting with new training programs with courses dedicated to theoretical knowledge and skills, processes and attitude.

But also the launch of new products that will expand our haircare line.

Join Martom for a future of luxury and innovation

Martom is the destination for industry professionals looking to differentiate themselves and rise into the niche of Premium Salons. We are more than just a brand: we are an experience, an affirmation of excellence in the wellness sector.

Working with us, you will have access to a universe of unique knowledge and tools that will allow you to stand out in the industry. Our philosophy is based on the constant pursuit of perfection, delivering extraordinary results and raising your and your team’s talents to unimaginable levels.

Enter a world of inspiration. Become a Marom’s salon partner.