The haircare world is constantly evolving and to stand out it is essential invest in business and managerial training.

In the days 12/13/14 January 2024 at our headquarters in Torricella Versate (PV) was held our training course for Business Coach and Sales Manager.

Martom, in fact, is not only a hairdressing salon but a complete brand and a partner that actively invests in the growth of the sector.

The enthusiasm and great success of the course show how strongly Martom believes in educational programs. This commitment extends to salespeople and salon teams, demonstrating a tangible interest in raising the skills of the entire industry.

Martom project: a badge of excellence

The focus of our course was a deepening of the Martom project, which goes beyond the boundaries of the haircare tradition. Martom encourages salons to adopt rigorous and coded rituals, distinctive in the Lounge and Inspire areas.

We propose a revolutionary concept, inviting our partner salons to do the opposite of what is commonly practiced.

What does it mean to do the opposite of everything? Martom has developed unique procedures and gestures for hair care. The use of high quality ingredients and attention to detail in artistic perfumery involve customers in a multisensory experience.

The same concept of inserting the Martom’s logo associated with the name of the salon makes it immediately recognizable as a luxury place. The positioning within the salon, evident in every detail, from the owner’s attitude to gestures and approach, plays a fundamental role in the salon’s image.

Your guide to business salon

Martom not only offers high quality products, but also undertakes to guide the salons through management training. The Business Coach and Sales Manager course is just one of the tools that Martom provides to grow your salon.

We provide resources, advice and ongoing support to help salons successfully implement the strategies learned. This long-term commitment translates into lasting success for Martom partner salons.

Take advantage of the business training opportunities offered by Martom and grow your salon beyond expectations, thanks to the support of professionals.

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