DEEP | Night repair serum

Night Repair Serum designed to deeply moisturize and soften the hair, making it easy to untangle and giving them a healthy, shiny and soft in the morning, without leaving any residue. Your hair will be stronger and visibly healthy after just one night.

  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid main responsible for hydration.
  • Quinoa hydrolyzed proteins for the intense conditioning action at night, compensate for the loss of nutrients during the day and seals the locks to prevent frizz.

FORMAT 100 ml
Sea Essence

Elasticizing and emollient action.

Antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing action.

Antiaging, nourishing, regenerating and silky action.

Sea Essence it is a fresh, marine and ozonated perfume, capable of preventing the dehydrating effects of the sun, salt and chlorine.

How to use
Apply in the evening before bedtime on dry or damp hair lengths and ends. It is not necessary to rinse the hair in the morning. The amount depends on the length of the hair, their density and structure. Start with a small amount and gradually add enough.