Straight, shiny and disciplined hair is the dream of many people. The key to achieving a perfectly smooth hair lies in the choice of the right products and the creation of a proper hair care routine.

If the perfect smooth just seems like a dream you probably haven’t tried the professional products for straight hair of Martom Deluxe Hair Code.

We have formulated products for every type of hair, always thinking of the needs of women and men who seek in the care of scalp and hair a ritual of well-being.

We will guide you through the perfect hair care routine for straight hair, using professional products that will help you achieve the desired results. You will find out which of our products use for a flawless smooth and how to best use them.

What products use for a perfect smooth?

From the moisturizing phase to the styling and protection of the hair, Martom DHC has thought of a wide range of professional products ideal for straight hair.

Here is the ritual we recommend!

MIST moisturizing shampoo and AQUA moisturizing conditioner

From the HYDRATE line a winning combination as the first step to nourish the hair.

MIST is the shampoo that moisturizes and nourishes dry hair giving elasticity and shine thanks to the presence of Aloe Vera and Pentavitin®.

The same properties are found in the moisturizing conditioner of the same line: AQUA acts on the hair with a boost of hydration, giving immediate softness and shine.

Detangling fluid for hair TUNE

Once hydrated, the hair must be prepared for the styling phase. To make your hair easier to comb we recommend using TUNE.

It is a multifunctional fluid leave-in that, in addition to making the hair brighter and softer, protects it from external agents thanks to the presence of the active ingredient Hydropom ³ (anti-pollution, antioxidant and anti-radical).

It vaporizes on damp hair, on all lengths.

Straightening cream for hair DUTY

The humidity that can jeopardize the perfect smooth knows an enemy: it is DUTY, the smoothing cream formulated by Martom.

It has a memory effect on the hair, leaving them smooth for a long time and controlling the thickness of thick hair. Apply it to damp hair and distribute it evenly with the comb.

Heat protective spray EMERY

Before drying it is important to protect the hair from heat. For this reason you can not miss as a last step our EMERY thermo-protective spray.

It vaporizes from root to tip before using hair dryer and styling tools, so as to protect the hair from the heat but also from atmospheric aggression.

Do you want to have perfect straight hair? Martom Deluxe Hair Code is here to help. Buy here our professional products for straight hair and create your hair care routine.