Summer is coming and your hair more than ever will need nourishment and hydration. We are happy to announce the arrival of a new product at Martom: we present the DEEP night serum repair.

During the summer, our hair is exposed to several stress factors that can make it dry, brittle and dull. The combination of sun, salt, chlorine and wind can cause significant damage to the hair structure. This is why it is essential to adopt a targeted hair care routine to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Martom Deluxe Hair Code has the perfect solution: the new night serum DEEP, perfect to combine with SHEEN body and hair sunscreen.

The power of the new serum DEEP night repairer

There is a newcomer in the line of hair products Sensorial. DEEP repair serum is the secret to intensive protection and deep hair repair during the summer (and not only!).

This serum does not weigh down hair and is enriched with nourishing and protective ingredients that moisturize and restore damaged hair fiber.

Its advanced formula penetrates deep into the hair, repairing damaged cuticles already after a single night of application.

It contains hyaluronic acid, responsible for the boost of hydration, and hydrolyzed quinoa proteins that compensate for the loss of hydration that occurs during the day.

Notes of Sicilian lemon and jasmine will wrap you from the first application.

Sun protection for hair and body SHEEN: a summer must

Like our skin, hair needs adequate sun protection to prevent damage caused by UV rays but also by salt and chlorine.

Martom DHC also thinks about this and has formulated a solar spray, ideal for application both on body and hair.

SHEEN contains UVA-UVB certified sunscreens with SPF15, which protect hair from sun damage, preventing discoloration, opacity and dehydration, thanks to the properties of Marula, Rice and Acai olis. You can enjoy the sun without worrying about it damaging your hair.

It is characterized by a transparent and light texture that does not grease the hair and a marine fragrance pleasant to smell.

You can also use it on the body as an emollient.

Take care of your hair this summer and discover the power of the DEEP repair serum combined with SHEEN sunscreen. Add these products to your hair care summer routine and enjoy healthy, shiny and protected hair.