Do you have curly hair and are you looking for the best products to enhance and take care of your locks? Martom has the solution to this need!

In this article we present a selection of Martom products formulated specifically for curly hair.

With our hair care experts you will discover the secrets to better care for your curls, getting definition, hydration and control.

Curly hair care

Curly hair requires a specific care routine to maintain their beauty and definition.

This type of hair tends to be drier and brittle; therefore, it is essential to use products specially formulated to moisturize and define curls.

Martom Deluxe Hair Code has studied a complete line of products specific curly hair care – from washing to styling – designed to meet their unique needs. These are hair care products rich in active ingredients of natural origin that nourish the hair in depth and make it full-bodied.

The best products for curly hair: the advice of experts Martom DHC

When talking about curly hair the password is one: volume. A perfect hair care routine for curly hair so always starts from the use of products that can give body and texture to the hair without weighing it down.

From the VOLUME line of Martom comes the volumizing Shampoo RISE and the volumizing Conditioner GRACE, to be used in combination. Enriched with Rice, Milk and Wheat Proteins and Active Waters of Goji, Pink Pepper and Blueberry, shampoo and conditioner volumize the curls and restructure them from the inside.

For a boost of hydration Martom also recommends the multifunctional detangling TUNE.This fluid spray keeps hair soft, shiny and easy to comb. It is enriched with Omega 3, 6, 9 and Hydropom, with antioxidant properties to protect against external agents.

As a last step we move on to styling. LOOP is the curly definition fluid enriched with an elastic plant resin that activates with heat creates a protective film on the hair. It can be used both on damp hair and dry hair, to shape even more defined curls.

Martom Deluxe Hair Code is your partner in curly hair care. Our products offer the perfect solution for definition, hydration and protection. Choose the quality and reliability of Martom products: buy the complete line here.