Having healthy and beautiful hair is the dream of many, but often the daily routine, pollution and chemical treatments can put a strain on the health of the hair and scalp. This is where Martom treatments come into play.

With a wide range of products formulated to rebalance hair and skin, Martom Deluxe Hair Code offers effective solutions to reach and keep hair healthier and brighter.

FIRST: the detoxifying treatment

The first step to getting healthy hair is having a clean and impurity free scalp.

The detoxifying treatment FIRST by Martom is designed to remove impurities and restore the balance of scalp and hair. This detoxifying fluid contains Tea Tree Oil, known for its purifying properties, and Hydropom® , a blend of antioxidants that protect hair from external agents such as fine powders and UV rays.

FIRST helps stimulate blood microcirculation, sanitation and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness to the scalp.

VENETIAN DREAM: the express treatment

If you have damaged and brittle hair, VENETIAN DREAM by Martom is the answer. This fortifiing treatment with high cosmetic effect is designed to protect and restore the hair structure.

Rice, Milk and Wheat Proteins wrap around the stem, providing protection and repair. In addition, the mix of Active Waters of Goji, Pink Pepper and Blueberry plays a moisturizing, antioxidant and revitalizing, making your hair visibly healthier and stronger.

ROYAL THERAPY: intensive hydration

If your hair is damaged by chemical treatments or pollution, Martom’s ROYAL THERAPY is the intensive treatment you need. This deeply nourishing, emollient and moisturizing formula contains a blend of fine oils, including Rice Oil, Jojoba, Maracuja and Macadamia.

In addition, the Hyaluronic Acid present in ROYAL THERAPY offers hydration and repair, helping to restore the health and shine of the hair. The combined use of Harden Therapy and Royal Therapy is what we recommend to have hair restored, strong and resistant in just 4 weeks.

HARDEN THERAPY: the protein treatment

To strengthen and deeply regenerate the structure of your hair, Martom has formulated HARDEN THERAPY. This protein treatment contains a rich blend of Wheat, Silk, Rice, Milk and Soy proteins, which make the hair stronger, full-bodied and resistant.

The Collagen gives elasticity and shine, helping to repair the hair fiber. With HARDEN THERAPY, your hair will be ready to face any challenge.

Experiential beauty rituals dedicated to hair care

Martom DHC has always been committed to formulating high quality hair care products, and these treatments represent only a small part of our range. Investing in the health of your hair by choosing Martom is a step towards a healthier and radiant hair.

With the constant and conscious use of Martom treatments, your hair will regain its natural beauty.

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