The art of personal well-being and self-care is a priority for Martom Deluxe Hair Code® and this philosophy is reflected in the exclusive products we have created, with the aim of offering salon customers a unique and exciting hair care experience.

Choosing the right professional products for skin and hair care can really make the difference in the final result of the hairstyle and above all in giving a boost of hydration and strength to the entire hair structure.

That’s why we at Martom Deluxe Hair Code® have studied a line of exclusive hair care products, specially designed to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. Our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected to improve hair and scalp health and to protect their natural beauty.

We are particularly proud to use natural ingredients, based on essential oils and plant extracts. This gives life to sustainable products that respect the environment and people.

The search for ingredients and innovative technologies: our formulations

The Martom products dedicated hair care are different because they are based on a proactive and constant search for innovative formulations, capable of giving life to shampoos, conditioners, treatments and coloring systems of excellent Made in Italy quality.

Our two product lines – Anthology and Inca Secret – boast natural formulations, created at the base with essential oils and plant extracts. Among the other ingredients strictly with organic certification we find bamboo extract, red vine extract and alo vera juice.

The prestige of Martom DHC products is also given by the exclusive formulation with registered trademark of two ingredients:

  • Meammonia®: this ingredient present in our line dedicated to Inca Secret hair coloring limits the amount of alkaline components. This allows us to create a product where the monoethanolamine and ammonia concentrations are below 2%.
  • Qui.Sacha Complex®: Saha Inchi essential oil is the natural element with the highest content of Omega 3,6,9 and vitamins A and E. It has an antioxidant and protective action, promoting skin hydration .

Tested and safe products

All our products are microbiologically tested and approved, to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.

Dermatological tests were performed by the University of Pavia and demonstrated compliance with the legal regulations governing the production of cosmetic products.

Martom signed fragrances

Long research and experimentation behind our products have led to the identification of 11 fragrances of high perfumery that make hair care a real immersive sensory and olfactory experience.

From the research of raw materials to the product design: Martom pays attention to every detail. Find out more about our products, try them in our Martom Vogue or at partner salons.