If you are looking for a hair color that not only enhances your style, but also respects the nature of your hair, then the new line Martom Deluxe Hair Code is for you.

With the introduction of the Inca Secret® Tender, Martom continues its mission of offering innovative, high-quality products in the haircare industry.

This new coloring not only offers a wide range of shades and reflections, but is also enriched with precious ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, following the philosophy of the Inca Secret® system.

Learn more about this revolutionary line of products and get ready to transform your look with Martom Deluxe Hair Code.

The innovation of Inca Secret Tender

The Inca Secret® Tender represents the last frontier of hair coloring, combining the tradition of the ancient Inca with the modern science of haircare.

Thanks to its unique formulation, this coloring provides exceptional results without compromising the health of your hair.

High quality ingredients

Martom Deluxe Hair Code is committed to using only the best raw materials available on the market.

With Inca Secret Tender, we have selected innovative and valuable ingredients, such as Quinoa Reale extract and Sacha Inci essential oil, to ensure superior results and optimal hair care.

Advanced technology

Thanks to its advanced formula, Inca Secret® Tender offers an oxidation coloring that creates personalized reflections and intensifies the color of your hair.

With a series of 15 colors and a clear ammonia-free, this color is ideal for toning lightening, balayage, streaks and total bleaching, ensuring a perfect and long-lasting result.

Use and benefits

Inca Secret Tender not only delivers outstanding results, but it is also easy to use and offers numerous benefits for your hair. In particular:

Easy mixing and application

Mixing Inca Secret Tender with Enzy Oxy‍® 8 or 18 Volumes is quick and easy. The shutter speed is fast, allowing you to achieve professional results even in your own home. In addition, the coloring is free of ammonia, respecting the physiology of your hair and ensuring a uniform coloring.

Hydration and protection

Thanks to Sacha Inci essential oil and Vitamins A and E, Inca Secret® Tender protects your skin during coloring treatments and maintains the right degree of hydration of your hair. This means soft, shiny and visibly healthier hair.

Coverage of white hair

The natural colors of Inca Secret Tender, such as Brown, Coffee and Honey, mixed with Enzy Oxy® 18 Volumes, effectively cover white hair, ensuring a natural and long-lasting effect.

Discover your shade with Martom Deluxe Hair Code

If you are looking for a hair coloring that combines excellent performance, high-quality ingredients and respect for your natural beauty, then Inca Secret® Tender is the perfect choice for you.

Discover the wide range of shades available and transform your look with Martom Deluxe Hair Code. Choose beauty with awareness, choose Martom.