Summer is synonymous with sun, sea and fun, but it is also the time when our hair need more attention and care.

Exposure to sunlight, contact with salt water and chlorine from swimming pools can seriously damage hair. It is therefore essential to adopt a hair care routine in summer that keeps them healthy and shiny.

Martom Deluxe Haircode has created the perfect duo for this season: Sheen and Deep. Let’s find out together how these products can help you protect your hair in summer and take care of them optimally.

But first… why it is important to take care of hair in summer?

Sun effects on hair

Prolonged exposure to sun can cause significant damage to hair. UV rays can break down hair proteins, making them dry, brittle and lacking in shine. Protecting hair in summer is therefore a step not to jump to prevent this damage and keep hair healthy.

Damage caused by salt water and chlorine

Sea and pool are the favorite places during summer, but even here our hair is at risk. Salt water can dehydrate hair, while chlorine can cause discoloration and make hair brittle. Using specific hair care products in summer is essential to counteract these negative effects.

Sheen: the perfect protection for your hair

Sheen is a magic spray that offers intense protection for both hair and body against sun damage. It is designed to keep your look fresh and radiant, even on the hottest days.

This spray is perfect to take with you to the beach, ensuring constant protection against UV rays.

Benefits of Sheen

– Sunscreen: Sheen protects hair from UV rays, preventing sun damage.

– Immediate freshness: Gives a feeling of immediate freshness, ideal for hot days.

– Intense hydration: Keeps hair hydrated, avoiding dryness caused by sun exposure.

Deep: the night repairer for hair

Deep is a night repairer that works while you sleep, repairing damage and nourishing your hair deeply. When you wake up, your hair will be stronger, shiny and silky.

Benefits of Deep

– Intensive repair: Repairs sun, salt water and chlorine damages.

– Deep nutrition: Nourishes hair at night, making it stronger and brighter.

– Ease of use: Just apply it before bedtime and let it work overnight.

How to use Sheen and Deep together

Use Sheen during the day and Deep during the night provides complete protection and intensive care for your hair.

During the day, Sheen protects your hair from sun damage and keeps it fresh and hydrated. During the night, Deep repairs the damage and nourishes the hair, preparing them for a new day of exposure.

The combined use of Sheen and Deep ensures healthy hair, strong and shiny throughout the summer. Not only will your hair be protected from sun damage, but they will also be constantly repaired and fed.

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