A model to follow, your superhero, the man who will always be at your side: whatever represents for you the figure of the father, March 19th is the right opportunity to celebrate it! Here are some original gift ideas, branded Martom Deluxe Hair Code.

Father’s Day is an important anniversary in many countries of the world and also in Italy has a great cultural and symbolic importance. You can express gratitude and love for your dad by thinking about a very special and unique gift. If you are therefore wondering what to gift for Father’s Day, you are in the right place to find some ideas.

March 19th is getting closer and closer but you are still in time to look for a little something that is useful and at the same time that makes your dad feel special.

Beauty must be a universal concept and we at Martom know this well: for this reason we have created genderfree lines for hair and skin care.

Martom products to give on Father’s Day March 19th

Your dad loves to take care of his appearance and you want to give him the chance to do it every day? Then Martom DHC products are the ideal gift!

Our products are born from a search for excellence. From raw materials of natural origin to the olfactory experience and the packaging of the product: all these elements are able to carry the experience of the salon in the bathroom of those who use them. And your dad will get a chance to feel really pampered.

Here are the products we have selected, ideal to give as a gift for Father’s Day!

Modelling paste matt Ivory

Ivory is the ideal modeling paste to invisibly define the fold, creating a matte effect. A styling product that can not miss in the hair care routine.

Its unmistakable scent contains Maltodextrin, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil.

Suitable for all those men who want to have a perfect crease, which really lasts all day.

Modeling wax Ebony

Also from the world of hair styling comes Ebony, a modeling wax with a very natural effect on the hair.

Thanks to its active ingredients consisting on Argan Oil, Vitamins E and fatty acids gives moisture and shine to the hair without weighing it down and giving protection from frizz.

Suitable for all those men who want to have always soft hair but with a defined and natural fold.

Detoxifying shampoo Dexify

This shampoo is designed to cleanse the skin and gently cleanse the hair. Dexify protects hair and skin from the negative effects of pollution, such as fine powders, free radicals but also UV rays.

It has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has nourishing and emollient properties.

Suitable for all those men who want to take care of the well-being of their hair, respecting the pH skin.

Detox treatment First

Martom has also studied more specific treatments, which can really go to restore the balance of skin and hair. This is the case of First, a detoxifying fluid that helps stimulate blood microcirculation, sanitizing the skin and giving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

In this way the scalp will be free from toxins and impurities, regaining its balance.

Suitable for all those men who want to give an extra boost to their hair care routine.

Give for Father’s Day the exclusivity of Martom products: you can buy them here.